We all encounter difficult experiences in life that we struggle to work through on our own. Sometimes support from family and friends is sufficient, and at other times it is not. Therapy provides a confidential and supportive environment where you can openly and safely talk about things you do not feel comfortable sharing with those closest to you.

I integrate various theoretical approaches into therapy, but my underlying philosophy recognizes the potential of the individual and the value of the therapeutic relationship. My ability to be empathic, genuine and non-judgmental is a necessary part of the therapeutic process. Under these conditions, patients are more open to self-exploration, a process that leads to a level of insight and awareness that is essential to living a more meaningful and fulfilling life.


Group therapy is not the same as a peer support group, nor is it the same as a "psychoeducation" group where basic skills are taught from a manual or workbook. Group therapy is an endeavor in which I facilitate the psychological processing of what is occurring within the group and between group members in the "here-and-now."

This is an extremely powerful form of therapy where participants learn more nuanced aspects of themselves and others and, over time, begin to see improvements in their interpersonal effectiveness and confidence. They also tend to recognize how their interpersonal style of relating might be getting in the way of living a more fulfilling life and better learn how to develop and maintain relationships built on mutual trust and respect.


I conduct psychological assessments that measure, among other things, personality organization, cognitive and emotional functioning, psychopathology and overall psychosocial functioning. Assessments are usually initiated secondary to a referral from a mental health provider, a school/university, a physician, an attorney or the courts. 

Assessments vary in length and complexity depending on the specific referral question. If you are interested in learning more about this service, please contact me to schedule an initial consultation to discuss further.